With winter behind and warmer weather here (finally!), it’s time to evaluate your hair for the damage that the cold may have caused. Yes, just like hot, humid weather can cause hair woes (frizz, anyone?!), cold weather can wreak havoc of its own.

But don’t fret, because a keratin hair treatment can quickly undo the damage and leave you with lovely, lustrous locks this season. Read on to learn more.

Leftover cold-weather damage

From blustering winds to below-zero temps to snow and rain, hair can really take a beating during the winter months. Cold, dry air is likely to cause the hair’s cuticle to lift, leaving you with breakage, unruly ends and hair that can’t hold moisture.

Color can quickly look less-than-vibrant in the winter and, particularly for you gals with thick, long or curly hair, locks can get dried out in the winter to say the least. As such, it can also more easily tangle, causing even more breakage. Vicious cycle, right? But alas, there is hope!

Keratin = smooth, silky, shiny hair

You’ve probably heard of keratin treatments…they are all the rage right now in the beauty world.

Why? Because they work so incredibly well.

Keratin is a natural protein in the hair, nails and skin. And your hair is made up of primarily keratin. This protein helps the hair cuticle remain intact as well as protects the hair internally. When hair becomes dry and damaged, either through coloring, use of hair tools and even the bitter weather, keratin is lost. This results in lackluster hair. However, keratin can be replaced.

After a keratin treatment, the smoothness and elasticity return to the hair along with lustrous shine. Another benefit is that these treatments can be customized to your needs and last weeks or months.

The treatment is very relaxing and uses advanced technology to bind keratin to your hair. And you can even wash your hair the next day! The process involves applying the treatment to clean hair and then setting it. And, bonus, it will stave off frizz in the hot weather, too.

Novi, Michigan keratin treatment

Beth Barton is a highly popular hairdresser in Michigan. Located in Novi, Beth has garnered a loyal following of clientele who trust her with their hair needs — from hair color to haircuts in southeast Michigan to updos and more. In fact, her clients travel from all over metro Detroit and the state for her services.

As an expert in the latest and greatest hair techniques, Beth prides herself on remaining on the leading edge of the hair industry. Having trained with the most elite haircare professionals in the country, Beth is truly in a league of her own.

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