Spring is a time of refreshing and renewal with the new season. And many people get the bug to revamp their hair with the change of season, too.

However, before making that major hair change, there are some factors you should consider. Read on for more.

Job and lifestyle

First and foremost, when thinking about a major hair change, you should evaluate how it would fit into your lifestyle and/or professional life. For instance, maybe you are considering a trendy hair shade, like a balayage of rose gold, lavender or even baby blue. While these trends can look beautiful, if you work in a corporate environment, a more natural color may be a better choice. Though some companies are open to creative expression, some do have guidelines in place.


Another important factor when considering a major hair change is the level of upkeep. For example, you may be used to having long hair that you often pull back into a ponytail or put up in a bun. When you decide on a short haircut, this isn’t always possible. Further, many hair colors and cuts require regular touch ups to look their best, which costs both time and money.

Your reasoning

While there’s nothing wrong with wanting a brand new look, it’s important to be sure that your decision is not a rash one that you may regret afterward. For example, if you’ve just gone through a breakup, job loss or another emotional event, for example, you may wish for a major change. However, it’s important not to make a decision like cutting off all of your hair or dyeing it a completely different color when you’re in a state of mind that could be temporary. Give it a bit of time before scheduling your appointment to ensure you will truly be happy with your new hair.

Novi hair salon

As a highly sought-after hairdresser in metro Detroit, Beth Barton is in the know on all of the latest hair trends, cuts, colors, tools and techniques. Her Novi, Michigan beauty shop specializes in hair coloring for women and men, haircuts for women, haircuts for men, hair care treatments and keratin treatments in southeast Michigan.

As a believer in continuous education, Beth is proud to have trained and continue to train with the most elite of hair professionals in the world. This is how she brings the very best results to her clients.

Beth’s approach to her work is creative and collaborative — she takes special care to always listen to her clients’ goals and recommend styles that will work on their particular hair type.

If you’ve done your due diligence on your desired new hairdo, have talked with your stylist and feel confident in your decision, then maybe a change is just what you need! Whether you want a big hair change or simply need a refresh, contact Beth Barton today for your appointment!