The art of haircuts has come a long way in recent years. With the latest techniques in haircutting, including point cutting, razor cutting, dry haircutting, graduation, over directing and more, your stylist should be well-versed in a variety of techniques as well as offering customized solutions to fit your hair type and hair goals.

Never underestimate the power of a fantastic haircut — it can transform and complete your entire look.

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Why Choose Beth for Your Haircut?

As one of the most sought-after hairstylists in metro Detroit, Beth Barton is known for her precision and creativity when it comes to creating looks for her clients. Having trained in New York and Miami under some of the most well-respected hair professionals, Beth’s experience is vast and rivals that of the most elite hairdressers to the stars.

Beth takes pride in providing customized haircuts for her clients and realizes that every head of hair is different, unique and beautiful. Her job, she believes, is to bring out even more of that natural beauty with looks that enhance and complement your face shape, facial structure and lifestyle.

With over 20 years of experience, the depth and breadth of Beth’s expertise in hairstyling, haircuts and hair color is vast. And her portfolio of work is far-reaching and includes the latest trends in hairstyling.

Unisex Haircuts

As an expert in unisex haircuts in metro Detroit, and with a plethora of experience in haircuts for women and men, Beth is proud to offer comprehensive haircutting services.

Haircutting for women requires unique skill and a listening ear. Beth begins all her haircutting appointments with a consultation. She wants to understand her client’s goals and concerns, lifestyle and level of desired upkeep as well as get a feel for their natural hair texture and type.

For women, she is well-versed in bobs and lobs, pixie cuts, long layers, shags, A-line cuts, bangs and everything in between.

Haircuts for men also require an elevated level of skill, talent and precision. Beth, likewise, takes the time to consult with her male clients on the haircut they desire, while also focusing on easy at-home maintenance and preserving the natural flow of the hair. It is better to go with the grain than against it.

Beth is skilled in the latest haircutting trends for men, including cropped cuts, fades, Caesar cuts, buzz cuts, tousled waves, facial hair trimming and more. Her clients always leave her salon looking polished, clean and on trend.

Portfolio of Services:

  • Haircuts for women – With a focus on going with your hair’s natural flow, Beth can create the perfect haircut for you and your lifestyle.
  • Hair coloring for women – With a natural creativity and talent in hair coloring for women, Beth’s skill in creating perfect hair color is simply unmatched.
  • Haircuts for men – Using the latest techniques, Beth is known for her clean and modern haircuts for men.
  • Hair coloring for men – Men’s hair coloring demands a special skill set and Beth specializes in natural-looking hair color for men.
  • Formal hair updos – Get the perfect look for that special occasion, including weddings, proms, black tie events, special evenings and more.
  • Hair treatment – Keep your hair its healthiest with a custom hair treatment that can restore shine and softness to your hair.
  • Keratin treatment – Regain the healthiest hair of your life with a custom keratin treatment with options that can last months.
  • Unisex haircuts – The perfect haircut can be yours, regardless of your hair type or goal.
  • Unisex hair coloring – Whether you’re looking for subtle or dramatic color, Beth can bring your vision to life.

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Both women and men deserve beautiful haircuts that highlight their features and make them look and feel their very best.