Hair extensions, sought after by many women looking to have long, luscious hair, are a great way to boost your confidence. Achieving this naturally can be near impossible, though, especially with all the increasing demands on our time and the fact that as we get older, our hair gets more difficult to grow out. For tape in extensions that look incredibly natural, make an appointment with Beth Barton, New York-trained stylist and color specialist.

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No, we weren’t all born with long locks of full hair, but it’s easier than ever to effortlessly create the incredible new look you deserve. Beth Barton, an acclaimed southeast Michigan hairdresser, has many loyal clients to her credit who entrust their hair to her. Not just anyone can expertly apply tape in extensions! She has the training to do so.

What are Tape In Extensions?

Just one type of hair extension available, tape-ins give you the most natural-looking hair possible. Because they lay completely flat and are extremely lightweight, you don’t even feel them when they are in. Now it’s possible to wear any hairstyle, including buns and ponytails, without anyone being the wiser.

Other types of extensions include tracks and clip-ins. Which one is best for you? Beth will sit down with you to discuss the best option during your salon visit.

Who is a Good Candidate for Hair Extensions?

Basically, anyone! They’re ideal for women of any age, regardless of hair type, length or texture. Beth offers a wide spectrum of hair extension types to match many hair types. Thus, she can customize your hair extensions to complement your hair color, applying them naturally in order to flow seamlessly with the rest of your hair.

Beth, taking the time to understand your lifestyle and desired maintenance level, can recommend the best type of hair extensions for you. Whether you are 25 or 65, the right hair extensions can transform your entire look. Before you leave, Beth will go over maintenance and care requirements for your extensions.

Who said you have to be a Hollywood celebrity to flaunt hair like one? Hair extensions are the fastest way to transform your natural hair from dull to daring.

Hair Extensions and More

Beth Barton is known for many other services, including:

Choose Beth Barton for tape in extensions that look amazing and work gracefully with your active lifestyle. Schedule your appointment today @ (734) 215-2090.

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