For most of us, there is something we wish to change about our hair. Many people wish for their hair to be thicker and more voluminous or longer and more luxurious. Truth be told, not many are fortunate enough to have it all when it comes to hair. However, hair extensions can be a fantastic way to add that extra oomph that you’re looking for.

Whether you’d like to add some volume and length to your hair for an upcoming special event or if you’d simply like to enjoy more lustrous locks on the daily, read on to learn more about hair extensions by metro Detroit hairstylist Beth Barton, who specializes in hair extensions in Michigan.

Hair extensions 101

Hair extensions are a viable way to add life to the hair. And the beauty of extensions is they can be customized to your preference. Hair extensions don’t have to be overtly obvious; they can add just a bit of volume in a natural-looking way. Or, conversely, they can be more dramatic if that is the look you are trying to achieve.

There are several types of hair extensions to choose from when you visit Beth, but all are high-quality extensions made from human hair. Beth uses Hotheads and DreamCatchers brands of hair extensions, which won’t tangle and fray like other brands that can be purchased from the store.

Choose from individual hair extensions, hair extension tracks or tape-in hair extensions, along with clip-in temporary hair extensions. Each have their own unique benefits that can enhance your look. It’s important to also consider your lifestyle and desired maintenance level when choosing which type of hair extensions you’d like. A consultation with Beth can determine the best solution for you.

Who you choose matters

When you decide to get hair extensions, it’s important to choose a hair stylist with experience. Beth Barton is a highly-esteemed hairdresser in southeast Michigan who specializes in hair extensions.

When done incorrectly, hair extensions can look unnatural or even damage your natural hair. However, clients have been entrusting Beth with their hair for over two decades and particularly appreciate that she remains on the cutting-edge of her industry. As such, she utilizes only the latest techniques and high-quality hair extensions to provide a beautiful look without damaging your hair. Her extensions always blend seamlessly with your hair and look beautiful.

Premier hair extensions in Michigan

If you’ve been considering hair extensions but want the best of the best when it comes to a hair stylist, particularly one who specializes in hair extensions in metro Detroit, you’ve come to the right place.

Beth Barton is a highly experienced and skilled hairdresser in metro Detroit with a lengthy list of clients who adore her talent when it comes to haircuts, hair color, hair styles and updos as well as hair extensions in Michigan. Her training and education is vast, and she prides herself on bringing your look alive.

Are you interested in how hair extensions can enhance your look? Contact Beth today at 734.215.2090 for your appointment.