Get the Hair of You’ve Always Dreamed of with Natural Beaded Row® Hair Extensions

Get the long, luxurious hairstyle you’ve been longing for with NBR® hair extensions by Beth Barton.

Do you often wish your hair would grow longer, faster? Or maybe you long to have fuller locks. Perhaps you wish your hair texture was shiny and healthy looking. If you can relate to any of this, NBR® hair extensions may be the solution you’re searching for.

What are NBR® hair extensions?

Natural beaded row® (or NBR®) hair extensions are an intricate technique of hair extensions using a “track,” beads and string, eliminating the need for glue or tape, which can damage the hair.

Further, NBR® hair extensions look natural and are totally hidden, whether wearing down or up in a ponytail. They are lightweight, comfortable and secure. The extensions are made of the highest quality, 100 percent human hair. They are not bulky like other extensions and blend seamlessly into your natural hair.

Why get NBR® hair extensions?

Most people who choose to have NBR® hair extensions are looking for added length, added volume or both. Additionally, NBR® hair extensions can add dimension to your color without actually having to color your own hair! Plus, color lasts longer, as there are more grams per weft, and it is 100% Remi hair.

Some women struggle with growing their own hair while others are frustrated with thin hair. NBR® hair extensions are a fantastic solution to both scenarios.

Who is a viable candidate for NBR® hair extensions?

If you have chin-length hair, you are a good candidate for NBR® hair extensions, no matter the texture or thickness of your hair.

How do you care for NBR® hair extensions?

The other benefit of NBR® hair extensions is that you can care for them just like you’d care for your natural hair as your stylist recommends. In fact, you can go longer between washes!

Why Beth Barton, metro Detroit hairdresser for NBR® hair extensions?

As a highly sought-after hair stylist in southeast Michigan, Beth Barton is keenly aware and educated on what it takes to provide you with your hair goals. From keratin treatments to hair coloring and cutting, to updos and styling and NBR® hair extensions and more, Beth’s skill and passion for what she does offers an impressive experience.

Beth is trained specifically in the NBR® hair extension technique by the DKW Styling Academy.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to get celeb-worthy hair. If you are considering NBR® hair extensions, contact Beth today for more information. She looks forward to helping you achieve incredible hair and confidence!

Beth Barton is a well-known hairdresser specializing in NBR® hair extensions in southeast Michigan. Call for your appointment at (734) 215-2090 and feel your absolute best!