Is your hair dull and lackluster? Is it coarse, dry and unruly? Don’t worry, it’s common, usually due to years of coloring, overuse of styling tools, nutritional deficiencies and even environmental damage. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with it. Instead, come to hair stylist Beth Barton for a well-deserved keratin treatment in Metro Detroit. She can turn it all around for you.

With a goal of preserving and generating optimum health and vibrancy for her clients’ hair, Beth has the solution for you: a keratin treatment in Metro Detroit. It’s time to achieve the smooth, healthy, gorgeous hair you’ve always wanted. Call now!

To book your appointment for a keratin treatment in Metro Detroit, call Beth Barton at (734) 215-2090.

Benefits of Keratin

There are many benefits to keratin treatment in Metro Detroit. It can:

  • Last up to six weeks
  • Smooth out hair, working best on medium to thick hair and/or curly or frizzy hair
  • Add shine and luster
  • Decrease blow-drying time

Because the keratin treatment in Metro Detroit lasts so long, it’s the perfect time to get it done right before a vacation, especially if you’re traveling somewhere humid. Beth would be happy to recommend specific products that will enhance your treatment and help it last longer.

Traditional keratin treatments mean you cannot wash your hair or get it wet for three days afterwards. However, Beth offers an express keratin treatment that allows you to wash your hair the very next day.

On top of standard keratin treatments, Beth also offers KIT (Kérastase In-Salon Treatments) and Brazilian Smoothing Hair Care Treatments.

How it Works

A keratin treatment in Metro Detroit, an effective way to add shine, health and vibrancy to your hair, relaxes the hair through a process of applying and setting the treatment. Beth has used keratin for many years due to its ability to quickly repair and strengthen even the most unruly, damaged hair.

Beth can customize your keratin treatment in Metro Detroit to your needs, with unique solutions for all types of hair concerns.

All Services in Metro Detroit

Beth Barton, NYC trained hairstylist and color specialist, offers several services for her clients, catering to both men and women. Check out some of the services offered by Beth Barton throughout Metro Detroit:

If you’re ready to transform your whole look, call Beth Barton for a keratin treatment in Metro Detroit now @ (734) 215-2090.

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