Summer is a great time to freshen up the look of your locks. Many opt for a shorter, wispier ‘do in the hot, humid months while others are looking to make a dramatic change to their hair.

No matter if you’re looking for a subtly different haircut or something more eye-catching, there are several points you should keep in mind to ensure you get the perfect haircut for you.

Get inspired

There’s really no shortage of places to look to get inspiration for your next haircut. From magazines to searching the internet to Pinterest, you can peruse haircut options nearly anywhere.

Once you’ve found a cut you like, you may consider saving it to your phone or printing it out to bring with you to your appointment. It’s also wise to come with several versions of the haircut at hand so you have options when it comes to your hair type and texture, as not every cut works perfectly on every type of hair.

Know what works

When it comes to haircuts, there’s really no such thing as one-size fits all. And various haircutting techniques, such as point cutting, dry cutting and razor cutting, can help make your look come alive. But it’s key to remember that every head of hair is different; so the haircut you see and love on your favorite celebrity may not look exactly the same on you.

Truth be told, even specific haircut styles, like the bob the lob or the pixie, can be customized to each person. And a great hairdresser should, indeed, take this customized approach. As a general rule, though, here are haircuts that work well with various face shapes.

Round face: Haircuts that hit below the chin work well. If your hair is wavy or curly, be careful of going too short, which can make the face look wider. Volume at the top of the head can help create the look of an elongated face.

Square face: Texture works well with strong features and a strong jawline. Styles and cuts that have curls or ends that are choppy also work well.

Heart-shaped face: Haircuts that bring attention to the cheekbones and eyes work best. Think bangs and styles with volume at the sides.

Long face: If you want to downplay your face length, so should you your hair length. The longer the hair, the longer your face will look. So shorter styles with lots of volume work well, as do bangs.

Oval face: Most haircuts work well with oval faces, though those with texture work particularly well.

The bottom line is, though, you should feel your best in your haircut…and that’s all that really matters.

Experienced hairdresser, expert haircuts

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