When it comes to hair, the hairstyle you don can either enhance your look, offering a younger, more vibrant appearance or it can do just the opposite.

Most women would agree that they’d like to look and feel their best, and your hair is an integral part of that. Read on to get more information on the best hairstyles for you.

Why is hair so important?

Hair is one of the first physical traits that others notice about someone. As such, your hair should speak to your personality, style and also highlight your appearance. When we aren’t feeling our best or see the years creeping up, often a new hairstyle is what we yearn for. The right hair can offer just the boost in confidence we desire.

Hair can be a fantastic accessory, but it’s important to choose wisely and seek out a hairdresser who can offer the best guidance. When searching for a haircut, color and style, many women aren’t sure where to start. Here is some expert advice.

Style, color, cut 101

If you’re looking for the best hairdo that accentuates your style and facial features, along with offering a youthful appearance, there are some key points to keep in mind.

Going with the grain of your hair is vital. For example, if your hair ultra-thick and wavy, choose styles that highlight your gorgeous texture while keeping frizz at bay with the right products and keratin treatments. If your hair is on the fine side and straight, choose a cut that offers light layers and adds volume. When you go with the natural flow of your hair, you can typically achieve more natural and easily-maintained looks.

Bangs can be a unique way to frame the face and mask fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead. Further, bangs offer a more youthful look. Women over 50 may consider keeping their locks shoulder-length or shorter, as longer lengths can add age. Further, a deep side part can be more face-flattering than a middle part for older women.

Regarding color, highlights or babylights placed in just the right spot can create the illusion of a fresher, more vibrant appearance. Keeping up with color touch ups is important when telltale gray growth begins to show. And finally, maintaining soft, shiny hair through customized conditioning treatments will help any style look its very best.

Your best hairdresser in Detroit

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