If you’ve heard of Hotheads, you know how great they are for elongating hair. With Hotheads, you can easily and dramatically create the amazing new look you have always wanted, thanks to the skill and precision of Beth Barton. An acclaimed southeast Michigan hairdresser, Beth has many loyal clients who come to her for their hair extension needs. She brings many years of training to the table, resulting in beautiful transformations for young and old.

For Hotheads hair extensions that look natural, schedule an appointment with Beth Barton, New York-trained stylist and color specialist. Her hair extensions are designed to fit your needs, offering a luxurious alternative to store-bought hair extensions that can get tangled easily and fail to look natural. In addition to Hotheads, she also uses DreamCatchers hair extensions.

Call Beth Barton for Hotheads hair extensions at (734) 215-2090.

What are Hotheads?

Hotheads is the brand name for human hair adhesive weft extensions put on without using tools or heat. These products were created specifically for use in salons by trained professionals. They’re simple and fast to use, with extraordinary results. Our clients have said Hotheads have completely changed the way their hair looks and how they feel about themselves. For stylists like Beth Barton, Hotheads helps her share her craft with others, as she transforms hair from dull to daring.

Types of extensions Beth Barton works with include individual, track, clip-on and tape-in. Which one is best for you? Beth will take the time to discuss the best option for you when you come into the salon.

Good Candidates Hotheads Hair Extensions

Are you striving for a full head of long, lustrous hair? You don’t have to be a Hollywood celebrity to show off hair like you’re on the red carpet. Choose Hotheads hair extensions to transform your natural hair for photo-worthy locks, applied by the master herself: Beth Barton.

Anyone can get Hotheads hair extensions, perfect for women of any age. In fact, Beth has had women get them at 20 years old and 60 years old. Regardless of the type, length or texture of your hair, Beth can customize your hair extensions to complement your hair color for an effortless look.

Hair Extensions and More

While at the salon, we encourage you to try one of Beth’s many other services, such as:

Come to Beth Barton for Hotheads hair extensions that not only look incredible but work in tandem with your active lifestyle. Call today for your appointment @ (734) 215-2090.

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