As a well-known and respected hair stylist in Michigan, Beth understands the importance of a beautiful haircut. Having trained in both New York and Miami under some of the finest in the industry, Beth’s superb talent for cutting hair is constantly evolving with the latest techniques and her innate precision and creativity.

“Haircutting for women is very individual and every great haircut begins with a conversation.” 

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Upon meeting with a you, Beth takes care to your goals and any concerns about your hair. Before making suggestions, she takes into consideration facial shape and structure, as well as lifestyle and desired level of upkeep. Then, you and Beth can agree on the haircut at hand or a version of it that will work best for the client.

Beth is known for her expert vision and bringing hair to life through technique, texture, manageability and creativity. No matter if you’re looking for a subtle change or a dramatic cut, or if you’re in the process of letting your hair grow out or simply need your hair refreshed, Beth can expertly design the best cut for you.

Equally as important, she takes time to delve into at-home maintenance and care with her clients…because who cares what you look like walking out of the salon if you can’t recreate the look at home? She wants to ensure that you look and feel your best each and every day in between cuts.

From bobs to lobs, pixies to long, layered styles and everything in between, Beth’s portfolio of work is comprehensive and includes all (or a combination of) the latest haircutting techniques:

Dry Haircuts

Oftentimes, cutting the hair while it’s dry can be ideal for fragile or thin hair, as well as a terrific way to end the traditional wet haircut. Dry cutting can offer a more precise finished and detailed look so that hair falls into place beautifully.

Dry cutting is typically done at the end of a haircut and after it’s blown out and can be used on any length of hair. This technique is effective because hair can lay very differently after dried and styled than it does when wet.

Dry haircutting can be effective to remove bulk, shape the hair precisely and to soften up the face frame.

Razor Haircuts

Utilizing a razor, excess volume can be removed from the hair for a lighter look and feel. Razors can also help to add texture and movement to the hair, particularly of value for fine hair, however, thick hair also benefits from razor cutting as it can de-bulk where needed. Beth particularly likes to use razor cutting around the face, as it can remove heaviness without the need to cut short layers.

Further, razor cutting can be used to create a light, fringed bang. Many people flirt with the idea of bangs but aren’t sure they want the commitment. A light, fringed bang or even face-framed layers that can be swept to the side are a great alternative to thick, obvious bangs.

As always, Beth can make specific recommendations for you based on your face shape and hair vision.

Point Haircuts

Point cutting is a technique where the scissors are held vertically to achieve softer edges and just a bit of texture; the perfect accompaniment in nearly any haircut.

This technique can be used on any length of hair as well as a wide variety of textures. Point cutting can remove bulk to finalize a haircut and can be performed on wet or dry hair. This technique is often effective to use to achieve or enhance a bob, swing bob or inverted bob.


Many of today’s most popular styles involve hair that graduates from long to shorter, back to front. When done right, this type of cut can be on-trend and natural looking. Many times, this can create a look that is shorter in the back with volume on the crown and is a haircutting technique that is used to fine-tune a haircut and enhance a bob.


This type of haircutting technique offers a more “undone” or “shaggy” look with lots of volume and longer layers. Ideally done on long hair, overdirecting can also be done on medium-length hair for a beautifully layered, natural look. Overdirecting can be performed on any texture of hair.

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