Just as women desire a hairstyle that portrays their individual persona, so do men.

Haircuts for men have come a long way since the old-fashioned barber shop days or when one type of cut was a one-size-fits-all. Today’s savvy men are looking for a haircut that best suits them, including one that complements their features and works with the natural flow of their hair.

There is a special talent to being able to create an impressive men’s haircut; and Beth Barton is an expert in haircuts for men in metro Detroit.

Beth always begins her men’s haircut appointments with a consultation to understand the look you are going for. She will assess your hair and make expert recommendations based on your goals and your hair type. She considers your facial structure, the level of upkeep you desire and any concerns you may have about your hair. Then, Beth will create a haircut that fits you.

Having trained with the most elite in the industry in both New York and Miami, Beth is known as a premier hairdresser in metro Detroit and has a vast portfolio to attest to this.

From dramatic transformations to regular cuts and trims to keep you looking polished, Beth’s talent in haircutting is unmatched. Further, she takes care to recommend the best products that will keep your style looking its best long after your leave her salon. Trained in the latest men’s haircutting techniques, Beth can bring to life the look you’re going for while keeping you on-trend. Here are some of the men’s haircuts that Beth specializes in:

The Caesar and Modified Caesar

Made popular by George Clooney, this men’s haircut is a classic that stands the test of time. With origins that date back to Julius Caesar, this short, fringed cut is longer on top and shorter on the sides. This cut can work well for wide array of hair types but works perfectly for men who are starting to thin or bald because it can cover sparse areas with proper placement.

Add a light coating of gel or pomade to damp hair and use fingers to put into place (you can even hit it with a hairdryer on a light setting to lock in the style). This is a stylish ‘do that requires minimal maintenance and touch ups. A modified version of this cut entails leaving the top and sides just a bit longer.

The Fade

This men’s haircut is on-trend right now can be done in various forms.

The traditional fade is a cut that keeps the hair on the sides and back tapered while keeping the top of the head longer. You can choose the amount of hair you want on top — whether a little or a lot — depending on the look you’re going for. This cut works on all hair textures.

Types of fades include the low-fade, mid-fade, high-fade, temple-fade and pompadour fade.

The French Cropped Cut

This cut is a modern take on the Caesar, with shorter hair around the head but a longer, fringed look on the top of the head. This cut is easy to style, and fringe length can be customized to your desire.

The Tousled Wave

This cut is ideal for curly or wavy hair and the length is versatile — from short to mid-length to long. This cut offers an “undone” look and works best with medium to thick hair. Maintenance is typically low as Beth will ensure that the cut lays properly according to how your hair naturally lays.

The Crew Cut

This classic men’s haircut is on trend and can be versatile. Traditionally a shorter, military type of hair style, this cut offers easy maintenance with a clean, athletic and masculine vibe. The modern crew cut can be altered to fit your goals, with flexibility in hair length.

The Buzz Cut

A classic cut that showcases short hair from top to bottom is the buzz cut. Using clippers, Beth can create the right buzz cut for you. This cut is very low-maintenance and offers ease of styling — product isn’t even necessary. Further, this cut can be combined with a fade and can be beneficial for men whose hair is receding.

Facial Hair

With facial hair being immensely popular today, it’s important to tend to your beard, mustache or goatee just as you would the hair on your head. Beth can keep your facial hair looking polished with regular shaves and trims, based on your facial hair goals.

If you’re ready to put your hair into the hands of an experienced, creative and talented hairdresser, call Beth today for an appointment at 734-215-2090.