Want the personalized attention you get from a New York-trained hair stylist, hair color specialist and hair consultant for men and women? Don’t want to pay NY prices? You are in luck. I am Beth Barton, trusted hair stylist in Birmingham MI. Come see me for cutting-edge looks that inspire confidence and make you feel on top of the world. I think a new cut and color is the best way to gain a new perspective on life, and I know you feel the same way.

It’s my pleasure to work one-on-one with my clients to achieve the ideal look that’s modern and easy to style every day. Become more confident, bold and sexy with a new hair style. Come in for a chat on what you want to achieve and most importantly, how you want to feel.

For transformative effects, choose a stylist that puts elegance of design and quality craftsmanship into every cut and color.

Call Beth Barton, hair stylist in Birmingham MI, at (734) 215-2090.

Easy-to-Maintain Yet Amazing Colors and Cuts in Birmingham

Ask yourself this: are you sick of the same boring hair style you’ve had for decades? Is your existing stylist stuck in a rut too? It’s time to get a new experience, with someone trained in the latest cuts, colors, extensions and beyond.

Beth Barton, hair stylist in Birmingham MI, offers:

The best cut is one that show off both your face and your life style. I can help craft something that looks amazing and accommodates your active life. After all, who wants to spend hours each day looking fabulous? I will show you an overall design that blends all elements, from facial features to bone structure.

I truly listen to your needs. In fact, my greatest asset is my instinctive ability to listen and consult. I want to hear about your goals and will work very hard to achieve the desired results.

For upscale hair care by a New York-trained stylist and color specialist, I make the hair care experience hassle free. Why not escape your stress for an hour or two while you experience total comfort? Beth Barton, hair stylist in Birmingham MI, gives you custom tailored services, with hair styles and catwalk-inspired looks that capture attention.

For personalized unisex hair care for women and men in Birmingham, call Beth Barton @ (734) 215-2090.

Beth Barton | Hair Stylist in Birmingham MI for Women and Men