When it comes to having the hair of your dreams, some of us just weren’t lucky enough to have thick, luxurious locks pf hair. In fact, some women struggle with thin, fine hair or even with growing their hair long. However, hair extensions can be a viable solution to these hair woes.

Believe it or not, many of the starlets you see on TV or in movies do, indeed, have some type of hair extensions in their hair. Many times, it’s obvious, as hair is extremely thick and full. But other times, you may not even realize someone is wearing hair extensions.

Hair extensions don’t have to be overly obvious, they can also be very natural-looking and fill in sparse areas of the hair, making it easier to style. Beth Barton is a highly-experienced and trained hairstylist in metro Detroit specializing in a variety of hair extensions.

Easily and Dramatically Create the Amazing New Look You Deserve

Beth Barton is an acclaimed southeast Michigan hairdresser with accolades to show for it. She has a long list of loyal clientele who trust her with their hair and appreciate the extensive skill she offers. From hair color to haircuts to formal updos and hair extensions, Beth remains at the forefront of her industry, using only the best products available and the most effective techniques.

She prides herself on offering customized solutions to her clients, as she knows that no two heads of hair are the same. Further, she takes the time to educate her clients on how to style and maintain their hair at home. Because what good is leaving the salon looking fabulous if you can’t look that way every day? Beth always works to preserve the health of her clients’ hair as well as recommend specific products that will extend the life of their style.

Are you a candidate for hair extensions?

Hair extensions can be done on women of any age, regardless of hair type, texture or length. Beth offers a variety of hair extension types to match a wide array of hair. Beth customizes your hair extensions to match your hair color and applies them in the most natural way to flow perfectly with your hair. Beth takes care to understand your lifestyle and desired maintenance level to recommend the best type of hair extensions for you. Beth has clients in their 20s through their 60s who benefit from hair extensions.

What hair extensions options are there?

Beth offers several types of hair extensions to fit your needs, most of which are made from human hair and offer a luxurious alternative to hair extensions purchased at the store, which can become tangled easily and don’t look nearly as natural. She uses Hotheads and DreamCatchers hair extensions, as well as a variety of other high-quality hair extensions.

  • Individual hair extensions
    For those who wish to fill in areas of the hair that are thin or sparse, particularly on the top or sides of the head, individual hair extensions are a terrific option. These hair extensions look completely natural and you can even run your fingers through them as you would your own hair. Beth’s clients love these hair extensions because they blend seamlessly with their natural hair. Individual hair extensions clamp in to the natural hair where needed to offer more volume as well as some length, if desired.
  • Hair extension tracks
    Track hair extensions offer the bonus making hair look substantially thicker, as there is more hair on them than individual hair extensions. These are perfect for those who want a good amount of length and bulk added to their hair for a more dramatic look. Much like individual hair extensions, tracks are also clamped into the hair to blend seamlessly.
  • Tape-in hair extensions
    For those looking for the most natural-looking hair extensions, tape-ins are a viable option. These hair extensions lay completely flat and are virtually weightless…you can’t even feel them when they are in your hair. With tape-ins, you can easily wear any hairstyle, including ponytails and buns, without the hair extensions being noticeable.
  • Temporary clip-in hair extensions
    Temporary clip-in hair extensions are simply clipped in the hair for a special event or one-day occasion. Perfect for someone who wants added length and/or thickness temporarily instead of hair extensions every day. Beth can work with you based on your goals, lifestyle and budget to recommend the best hair extensions for you. Beth has an extensive list of clients who see her regularly for hair extensions, and some women even note that having hair extensions has been life changing for them.

Caring for your hair extensions

Generally speaking, you should care for your hair extensions like you would your regular hair. Brush and comb gently, wash as normal, taking particular care not to use conditioner at the scalp, as this can loosen hair extensions.

What is the maintenance for hair extensions?

Depending on the type of hair extensions you choose, there is a level of upkeep. Typically, you’ll need to come in to have your hair extensions moved up and tightened about every four to five weeks, depending on your lifestyle.

Will hair extensions harm your hair?

No. Hair extensions do not harm the hair; however, you should take care to brush and comb your hair gently while wearing hair extensions. Much like how natural hair can break off if yanked with a brush, hair extensions can move out of place if not cared for gently.

Beautiful natural looking results

Isn’t it amazing that you don’t have to be an A-list celebrity to have hair like one? Hair extensions are a magnificent way to transform and enhance your natural hair from lifeless to luxurious.

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