With a portfolio of work spanning two decades, Beth Barton is a premier hair colorist in Plymouth MI. Trained in New York under the best of the best, I bring a honed level of creativity and skill to a long list of trusting clients. As such, I know first-hand how good a coloring can make you feel and how rejuvenating it can be for the soul.

Have your locks been looking drab lately? You need a makeover in the form of hair coloring in Plymouth MI. I am here to help. It’s my goal to ensure the health of my clients’ hair but I also want to make sure I give you a cut and color that you can easily work with at home.

Specializing in modern, customized services for traditional or trendy looks for all ages, I bring craftsmanship, elegance of design and focus to every color I perform. I am Beth Barton and I offer hair coloring in Plymouth MI that best suits your lifestyle and goals.

Call Beth Barton for hair coloring in Plymouth MI today at 734-215-2090.

Vibrant Colors That Add a Spring to Your Step

If you’ve been feeling dragged down by your current color, it’s time to take the next step. For women, I can create vibrant brunettes, sexy reds and amazing blondes ranging from luxurious golds to sparkling champagnes. And for men, I offer expert gray coverage and discreet hair coloring in Plymouth MI. Don’t be shy about coming in for your color: I am here to change your life!

In addition to technically-proficient personalized hair coloring in Plymouth MI for both women and men, I specialize in creating overall designs that flatter your natural features. My specialties include ombre coloring (a highly popular, multi-dimensional color blocking technique) as well as balayage color technique, babylights, base/color shadowing, and color balancing. Additionally, I specialize in gray coverage and highlights for both men and women.

If you want to change your life with expert hair coloring in Plymouth MI, take a look at what I offer:

Color trained in NYC and skilled in all hair coloring techniques, I bring the latest trends and techniques seen on Hollywood A-listers to my clients. You can trust my personalized approach to help you experience natural-looking, well-blended color thanks to several years of experience in unisex hair coloring.

From all-over-color to base/color shadowing and balancing, I work with you to bring your design ideas to life.

Dull hair can bring you down. Let me lift you back up! Get a much-needed refresh with hair coloring in Plymouth MI by getting in touch with Beth Barton @ (734) 215-2090.

Beth Barton | Hair Coloring in Plymouth MI for Women and Men