Beth Barton is an expert in hair color for women in metro Detroit and Michigan and has garnered a loyal following over the years due to her talent, elite training and aesthetic eye toward hair color. From New York to Miami, Beth has received training from the best of the best and brings her talents in hair coloring to metro Detroit.

Always remaining at the forefront of the hair coloring industry, Beth is skilled in the latest hair coloring techniques that are seen on the likes of today’s most famous celebrities and models. She is the go-to colorist for both traditional and cutting-edge multi-dimensional hair color techniques for women and takes care to maintain the health of her clients’ hair during and after color. She understands that every head of hair is unique and takes pride in offering her professional guidance while ensuring your individual goals are met.

Beth specializes in the following hair coloring techniques:

Ombre Hair Coloring

The ombre is a highly popular, multi-dimensional color blocking technique that delivers you an eye-catching look. The word itself, ombre, is derived from the French term “shadow” and is indicative of the seamless, gradual transition from a darker shade at the top of the hair to a lighter one at the bottom. This color technique provides a noticeable, trendy appeal with the luxury of less maintenance, as it can grow out quite nicely aside from the need to brighten up the ends regularly.

For those looking for a more subtle version of the ombre, we offer the sombre. This technique provides the same effect without being as dramatic and is a fantastic way to more naturally achieve the dimension you’re looking for.

Advantages of the Ombre hair color is that it is low-maintenance. This technique delivers blendable color and can be customized to your hair and goals. The Ombre is best on shoulder-length hair or longer and can be combined with color balancing to offer a cooler shade. Beth can also recommend hair products that can keep your Ombre hair color looking vibrant and fresher longer.

Balayage Hair Coloring

The balayage color technique is a sister of the Ombre, but is more subtle than striking. This very popular dimensional color technique is done through “painting” the hair and is customizable to each client and beautifully blends the roots with the ends with just the amount of contrast for a sun-kissed look. The balayage also offers the benefit of being a low-maintenance color approach.

This technique works best on shoulder-length hair or longer (but can be done on shorter hair, displaying a bit more contrast) and is customizable to the shade you are looking for — whether warm or cool. A consultation with Beth would provide additional information on what may work best on your hair. To keep your Balayage looking fresh, Beth can recommend specific hair products for you.


Babylights are an innovative highlighting technique that offers you a softer, more delicate look than traditional highlights…much like the perfect highlights a child’s hair would have. By intricately placing the highlights around the hairline and where the hair naturally parts, babylights mimic where your hair would be naturally touched by the sun, with the ends showcasing the lightest shade. This is also a technique that can last longer and grow out beautifully and natural-looking.

Babylights are a foiling hair color technique that can be done on any shade and any length of hair. The upkeep for Babylights is fairly minimal and this hair color technique can be a perfect complement to an Ombre or Balayage, offering you a brighter, multi-dimensional look. Beth is an expert in making customized recommendations for her clients’ hair color goals, oftentimes amalgamating two or more hair color techniques to bring your vision to life.

Base/Color Shadowing

Base shadowing is a technique in hair color that melts highlights with the base shade for a soft progression of color without any harshness. Using one or more shades, this technique brilliantly brightens up the hair and offers a seamless transition, oftentimes for those who want to tone down an ombre look.

Many times, this hair color technique can be effective on an Ombre that has grown out, to provide more blendable, soft color. This can also be used to tone down highlights for a less harsh look or to soften up any shade of hair by a shade or two.

Color Balancing

Color balancing is the application of color designed to refresh and rejuvenate your current look. By strategically applying a combination of color and lightener from the new growth through the ends, color balancing restores your hair’s tone, shine and vibrancy. Perfect for color that is faded or over-exposed to the sun.

Any shade of hair color can be color balanced. This technique is a wonderful way to refresh your hair at your six-week hair cut appointment, when you may not need an entire fresh color job. Color balancing is also effective at counteracting well water brassiness and can also be combined with other hair coloring techniques to give you the perfect tone.

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