When you think hair coloring for men, it’s come a long way from a one-shade boxed color. Today, men of all ages are realizing the benefits of hair coloring and how it can help them achieve their look and remain youthful.

Many men wish to color their hair to cover gray, while others want a more stylish, multi-dimensional look. Regardless, there are options when it comes to hair coloring for men.

As a specialist in hair coloring for men, Beth can bring to life the best color for your hair. She takes care to ensure that any hair color for men that she creates is in line with your goals. Through a consultation, Beth can make expert recommendations on the best hair color and hair coloring technique for you that will complement your skin tone and enhance the overall look of your hair.

Hair coloring for men requires a special skillset that Beth brings with her. Having trained in New York and Miami, Beth has mastered the art of hair coloring for men and is known as one of the best in the metro Detroit area. She takes pride in remaining at the forefront of the hair coloring industry and always preserves the health of your hair during your color treatment. w

“Men’s hair coloring is a unique art and I like to start my appointments by learning about my client’s vision in order to effectively bring it to life.”
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Beth specializes in a variety of haircoloring techniques for men.

It’s important to note that, unlike at-home hair coloring for men, the services of an experienced professional will garner more natural-looking results that last longer and are easier to maintain. Further, professional hair coloring is free of harsh chemicals that can wreak havoc on hair. Beth always takes care to preserve the health of her clients’ hair throughout the coloring process.

From all over color to gray coverage to highlights and everything in between, Beth can create a natural look for you that offers multi-dimensional appeal regardless of hair length or texture.


Highlights are a fantastic way to update your look without a lot of commitment. Highlights add dimension to the hair that can complement your skin tone and eye color while also leaving hair looking more vibrant. Highlights can work on any shade of hair, however, if your hair is dark, highlights that are brown or darker blonde tend to work well. Highlights can be done on any texture or length of hair and require maintenance touch ups to keep your look fresh.

Gray coverage

Gray coverage is unique in that it can be covered as little or as much as you like. Some prefer total gray coverage while others prefer a salt-and-pepper look. Either way, Beth can achieve your desired look naturally. Gray coverage can be done on any shade, style, length and texture of hair for a younger-looking appeal. Maintenance is fairly minimal with gray coverage, particularly when you opt for salt-and-pepper.

All over color

Hair coloring for men, particularly all over hair coloring or a dramatic hair color change requires a talented professional like Beth to seamlessly give you the shade you’re looking for. Whether you desire a subtle change or a dramatic change, Beth can expertly create your color. This type of color technique does require a certain amount of maintenance, as roots will need to be touched up to preserve the look of your color.

Custom color

Beth has expertise in bringing to life nearly any color vision her clients desires. A consultation with Beth will help guide the best way to achieve the color you’re looking for.

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