Beth Barton is an expert in hair care treatment for men and women and has a long list of accolades, including training in New York and Miami. Her knowledge, skill and expertise make her one of the most sought-after hair stylists in metro Detroit.

Beth’s goal is always to preserve and generate optimum health and vibrancy for your hair. However, many times, you may experience hair that is lackluster, dry, unruly or simply unmanageable. This could be due to years of coloring, using styling tools or even environmental damage. The good news is, a customized hair care treatment in metro Detroit could change all that.

“Your hair is but a canvas, and if the canvas itself is not in good condition no hairstyle is going to hide that.”

Keratin Hair Care Treatment

A Keratin hair care treatment is a fantastic say to add health, shine and vibrancy to your hair. It works by relaxing the hair through a process of applying and setting the treatment. Beth has been using keratin for years due to its ability to quickly repair and strengthen even the most damaged, coarse or unruly hair. Beth’s keratin hair care treatments are customizable your needs and offers solutions for many hair concerns.

The benefits of keratin include smoothing the hair, providing shine and luster as well as decreasing blow-drying time. Keratin hair care treatments work best on medium to thick hair and/or curly or frizzy hair. This hair care treatment can last up to six weeks and is perfect to have done just before a vacation, particularly if it’s one in a location with high humidity.

Traditionally, hair cannot be washed or get wet or creased for three days after a keratin hair care treatment. However, today’s options have more flexibility and Beth offers an express keratin treatment that allows for the hair to be washed the next day. As always, Beth can recommend specific products that can help make your treatment last longer and keep your hair looking its best.

Brazilian Smoothing Hair Care Treatment

The Brazilian smoothing treatment is a type of keratin hair care treatment that offers unique benefits to hair that has been stressed from styling tools, the environment and even nutritional deficiencies.

Much like the traditional keratin treatment, the Brazilian smoothing treatment provides hair with a sheen and smoothness that curly and coarse/thick hair may struggle to achieve by filling in the damaged “pockets” of the hair to restore it to its most beautiful. This treatment also significantly decreases blow drying time and lasts up to six months — making it very convenient.

The Brazilian smoothing treatment is, likewise, best for medium to thick hair and/or curly, frizzy or coarse hair. The treatment is performed by cleansing the hair of impurities then applying the treatment section by section from scalp to ends, blow drying then flat ironing the hair to set it.

The beauty of the Brazilian smoothing treatment is that your hair can be washed as soon as the next day. Beth always takes care to recommend products and at-home maintenance techniques that will extend the life of your treatment and keep your hair silky smooth and healthy as long as possible.

KIT – Kérastase In-Salon Treatments

For an even more customized hair care treatment experience, Beth offers KIT Kérastase in salon treatments. These luxury treatments are versatile in that they can be customized to each client — from making fine hair thicker, dull hair shiny and moisturized and everything in between while completely replenishing your hair.

These hair care treatments work by using a concentrated formula and specific “booster” which, combined, provide near instant results that last up to six weeks. A consultation with Beth can determine which in-salon hair care treatment is right for you. The KIT Kérastase In-Salon Treatment is a perfect hair care treatment to do following a fresh color or even as a standalone treatment in between colors.

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