With temperatures steadily dropping and winter on the horizon, it’s important to consider how the dry air and wintry weather affects our hair. Much like you’d tend to your dry skin, your hair needs certain care this time of year. Keep reading for expert tips from metro Detroit hair stylist Beth Barton.

Winter can wreak havoc on hair

As the weather gets colder, hair can really be susceptible to damage, more so than in the warmer months.

Chilly air robs your hair of its moisture. As such, hair is more brittle and not nearly as sleek-looking. Further, this dryness can lead to dry scalp, which poses a new set of issues. Hair can also become dull and lackluster, with more split ends.

Don’t fret, though, Beth Barton can help you maintain your gorgeous locks year-round.

Winter hair tips

One top tip for fighting winter hair woes is to get ahead of the game. Don’t wait until the damage is done, literally.

Tackle hair issues before they even come to light by using a professional-grade deep conditioner to keep locks smooth, strong and silky. Further, regular keratin treatments can give your hair that extra boost it needs in the winter. And don’t forget to keep up with hair trims, which remove dry, brittle ends for more lustrous hair. And to keep moisture in when the air is dry, try using a humidifier in your home.

Next, it’s key to keep your hair covered when out in the winter snow and wind. Wearing a hat or scarf over your head ensures that hair doesn’t blow about and get tangled, which can also cause damage. And remember not to go outside with wet hair, which can freeze and cause additional damage. To keep winter-causing frizz at bay, use a high-quality smoothing serum after drying your hair

Top rated hair salon professional

Hair is one of the first features others notice about you. As such, it’s key to trust your hair to an experienced hair stylist. Beth is one of the best hair stylists in Farmington Hills and metro Detroit. She comes with an array of skill and training, including having trained under some of the most elite hair experts in the world.

Specializing in haircuts, hairstyles, keratin treatments, updos, hair color and hair extensions in Detroit, Beth can bring your hair goals to life in no time. Hers is one of the best salons in Detroit. Call her now at 734.215.2090 to schedule your appointment.