With spring just around the corner — and with most of us having had enough with the cold, gray and dreary weather — it’s the perfect time to consider freshening up your look with a new hair color.

Many people opt for brighter, lighter shades when warm weather arrives; à la hair that appears to be kissed ever so slightly by the sun. (You know, like the vibrant look you have after a warm, sunny vacation?)

Read on for how the Balayage could be just the color technique you’re looking for.

Just what is the Balayage hair coloring technique?

The Balayage is a highly popular trend in hair color and a cousin of the Ombre hair coloring technique. Unlike the Ombre, a Balayage is more natural looking and is a fantastic way to get multidimensional results in a less obvious way than the Ombre. (Think subtle rather than striking.)

What’s great about the Balayage is it is versatile and can work well on a variety of hair lengths and colors, and just about any texture. Truth be told, though, it does work best on shoulder-length to long hair, however shorter hair can also have a Balayage, it will simply showcase a more contrasting effect.

The Balayage is designed to be a naturally-flowing, multidimensional hair color, with lighter shades near the bottom of the hair while also displaying some lighter hues throughout for a sun-kissed look.

The Balayage technique is versatile and can be customized to your goals, whether you’re looking for something subtle or a something bit more dramatic, or color with golden hues or more of a cool tone. The best part is that a Balayage is fairly low-maintenance as it looks natural growing out, so you can skip the regular touch ups if you’d like.

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